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Additional Services

Some Additional Services Provided By Us


-We offer personalized city tours for the attractions at your convenience in Budapest and Vienna.
Budapest cost: €85 up to 6 guests. Takes most part of the day covering both Buda and Pest including the major attractions with areas rarely seen by “ general tourist” and an overview of the city and nation’s history.
Vienna cost: €15/hour up to 6 guests.
-Excursions to the country, short trips outside Budapest or even longer ones, depends on your time allowance. Near by cities to Budapest, Esztergom, Visegrád, Eger, Gödöllő or Even Lake  Balaton. 

-Trip planning: we have learned form the needs of our overseas customers that often they like to visit more then one country in a relatively short time. In this we can offer tips and advise as how to best utilize travel time, expenses and see the most attractive areas matched to individual interests. Let us know ahead of time of your plans so we can help.

-Event planning: being away from home, trying to get tickets and schedule programs for entertainment can be tricky and we can provide advance ticket purchases, program schedules and information for you.

- Hungary is a horseback riding paradise, and Laszlo being an Olympian in Modern Pentathlon (riding being one of the five disciplines) organizes tours for riding over the weekends and/or longer cross-country rides. Mix and match if you have beginners  and advance riders in your party, programs are available to all. You can see nature that you could never enjoy from vehicles. Riding programs are including gastronomic and folklore experiences.

-Airport pick-up and transfers when available.

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